International Speaker | Social Entrepreneur | IR Researcher
Here is a short list of services that I believe I can assist anyone with --
P.S.: If your needs go beyond this and you want me to be involved in your project, just email me and we can work something out.
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    I am trained and/or experienced to coach in the following areas -- 1. Academic coaching - I routinely help students with problems they face in subject areas that I am well-versed in. 2. Career coaching - I currently work as a Career Ambassador at the University of Tampa and help students figure out what career options align with their personality, values, and interests. 3. Public Speaking - I am one of those crazy (read: awesome) people who absolutely LOVES getting up in front of a crowd and speaking and I actively help people conquer their fear and teach them how to better their skills.
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    As I said before, I love public speaking. I am involved with my local Toastmasters chapter, debate and MUN teams at UT, and I have my own public speaking organisation at UT. I am routinely invited to give speeches and presentation by different students, faculty members, and offices at the university. I personally enjoy giving inspirational or motivational talks and telling my own story but I am able and capable of speaking on any topic with a week's notice. If you are looking for a fun, engaging, and positive speaker, I am your girl!
    Public Speaking
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    I am currently involved with over 10 organisations at UT and outside of UT and a big part of my involvement is organising different events to get members and non-members to participate. I am an organiser for Tampa Bay Startup Week and Startup Weekend Tampa Bay and most of my experience comes from these involvements. I have also organised the UT event for the ONE Vote'16 Campaign by ONE Campus and we were able to get a not-very-participatory student body to yield some of the highest participation rates of that campaign. If you are looking for a highly organised, attentive to detail kinda person who does not give into stress, you know whom to contact!
    Organising events
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    For the longest time in my life (read: before college) I thought I would be a writer for my living. Well, my main goals have changed but my love and skill for the craft have only grown over the years. I am experienced in writing poetry, speeches, short stories, research papers, academic papers, and Spanish nursery rhymes (for real!). Whether you need someone to proofread your work, help you out with a writer's block, or even write an outline for a paper, you know I got you!